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NetClient CS
The Convenience of Online Service

Again this year, we are offering a web-based service called NetClient CS. This provides an easy, immediate way for our individual and business tax clients to access their final Federal and State income tax returns or the Web Client Organizer.

What Does This Really Mean?

Our 1040 Clients can receive:

1040 Web Delivery - We can create a read-only PDF copy of your Federal, State and Local tax return within a private and secure portal through our website. Once posted, you can access and print it as many times as you need throughout the year...for banks, mortgage companies, financial aid, etc. Each year we will post current tax returns while retaining past returns-building a tax history for you.

24/7 access to current and past individual income tax returns online from any location. You can view and print your returns whenever and wherever needed (e.g., mortgage refinance or bank loan application).

Federal, State and Local tax returns will be immediately posted to your individual, secure portal-no more printing and mailing.

Our Business Clients can receive:

Tax and Financial - NetClient CS private portals make it easy for our business clients to access their financial and tax documents 24/7 in an advanced, secure setting.

Document Presentation - NetClient CS private portals provide an easy way for us to exchange static client files (PDF) in a secure environment.

File Exchange - NetClient CS private portals provide a venue for exchanging a number of different types of live data files in a secure setting.

Gaining access to this revolutionary benefit...

Simply tell us that you want to try it out, and include an email address with your information. This feature was very successful with our past and present clients. We are looking forward to offering it again for 2013 returns.

Click link below to Begin Video about what NetClient CS can do for your business:

NetClient CS Account Video