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Our Commitment

Our Commitment to You

As a client of Smith, Best and Stoneking, we want you to know you have the right to expect the following performance standards from us:

You will always receive friendly, courteous service.  You will be respected and not taken for granted.

We will honor our commitments to you absolutely.

Our services will rarely, if ever, be the cheapest on the market.  They will however, always be of an exceptional quality and value.

You will always be able to seek our help to address any of your tax, accounting or business needs.

We believe that your perception of our performance is always the reality.  For that, and other reasons, your feedback is critical to our continuing to innovate and improve.  We're always looking forward to your ideas, your comments and your suggestions.

The way we communicate with each other is important to you (and therefore to us).  We also understand the importance of being available to you whenever you call or stop in to see us.  To ensure your satisfaction with our responsiveness, we do not screen calls.  In those instances where we are not immediately available, we will acknowledge any communication you have with us before the end of the next working day.

Every communication you have with us, whether written or verbal, and every document you provide us will be held in strictest confidence.  We will forward confidential information to third parties only with your express approval.

We will be honest, truthful and "up-front" with you at all times.  We naturally expect you would be like that too.  That way, we'll build a long-term and valuable relationship with each other.

We will communicate with you frequently, making recommendations to help you build a better business and building a win-win and long-term partnership with you.  Of course, we expect you to communicate frequently with us too.

We believe we have an exceptional team to help you with all of your tax, accounting and business development needs.  We also acknowledge that there are limited number of services we do not offer or, on rare occasions, situations in which we are unable to provide the services you require.  If, for any reason, we are unable to render the service you require, we will, at your request, refer you to someone who can.

Our entire team and all of the resources here at Smith, Best & Stoneking exist to serve you.  It is your privilege to request to be served by a particular team member, and to expect us to use all of the resources available to us to address your needs as the situation warrants.