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About Us

Our View

In the midst of today's "new economy," we don't hear enough people talking about the old economy.  We strive to do business the old fashioned way while still providing you with top-notch service.  We believe in long-term relationships, developing staff and honoring our commitments.  We believe that we can best serve your needs if we know you and your business intimately.  Ultimately, we believe that our success depends on you.

We are merging today's technological opportunities with our beliefs about how business should be done.  This website is meant to provide you with additional information and an outlet of communication.  Welcome to SMITH, BEST & STONEKING, PC.

Our Clients

You never know whom you'll find as an SBS client.  They're located all across the country (some coincidentally in Bradford), from many walks of life and many are "actively retired."  More specifically, those clients are successful financially and in most cases are either executives, investors, and/or entrepreneurs.  The firm also handles all types of businesses ranging from oil & gas exploration and development to engineering to roofing and sliding contractors to medical practices to hotels/motels to retail and manufacturing endeavors, and beyond.

  • Smith, Best & Stoneking, PC
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • 80 E Corydon St
  • Bradford, PA 16701
  • Telephone: (814) 363-1040
  • Fax: (814) 368-1493